Legionella in buildings water systems.

Legionella bacteria grow best between temperatures of 20°C - 45°C with optimum growth temperature being 35°C - 40°C. High temperatures (minimum 60°C) kill the bacteria. Legionella bacteria are found in low numbers in natural aquatic environments, for instance, lakes, rivers and ground water. As a result it is virtually impossible to prevent legionella bacteria entering man-made water systems.

In low numbers the bacteria are generally considered harmless. With the correct conditions, for example, warm water, the presence of micro-organisms and nutrients in the water or materials such as rust, the bacteria can grow and multiply to high levels which increase the risk of exposure. The bacteria tend to grow in biofilms (slime). Biofilms are likely to form on surfaces where there is low water flow or water is allowed to stagnate. The growth of the bacteria can however be controlled.


The Legislation & Guidelines

RecordsForBuildings.com allows you to adhere to and utilise the following documents when devising legionella control programmes:
 • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA);
 • UK HSE document L8 – Legionnaires’ disease, The control of legionella bacteria in water systems: Approved Code of Practice and Guidance;
 • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2005 (COSHH);
 • CIBSE TM13 – Minimising the risk of Legionnaires’ Disease;
 • HTM 04-01.

All of the documents listed giving advice specific on legionella follows a similar format on how to control this risk:
 • Identify and assess sources of risk using competent help and advice;
 • Prepare a scheme for preventing or controlling the risk;
 • Implement, manage and monitor precautions;
 • Keep records of the precautions
 • Appoint a person to be managerially responsible.

Using the wizards built into RecordsForBuildings.com you can implement your own System of Control (Log book), and if you have further requirments beyond the current wizards ability we can design a custom template for you to implement.

We can also offer a full or partially managed system of control. Just ask.






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